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Hello and welcome! We are Paul & Sam Mincarelli, husband and wife co-owners of Cafe Campli. Together, we travelled to Abruzzo for the first time in the fall of 2019 on an ancestral pilgrimage, specifically to the town of Campli in the Teramo province, the small town from which Paul's family emigrated. In short order, we fell in love with this amazing region - it's people, food, culture, pastoral landscapes, mountains, and the bountiful Adriatic Sea - all untouched by major tourism. Good food and cooking being one of our major bonds, we decided to take a chance and create the dining experience we most enjoy, in the hopes that you will too.


We invite you to join us.  At Cafe Campli, our food is lovingly inspired by Abruzzo, Italy, and the mid-Atlantic region. See our current menus.


The testing-ground for many of our recipes, as well as some personal insights into our travels, can be found on our food blog: Our Sunday Gravy. Our first step on this journey began with a blog. We encourage anyone passionate about food and cooking to take those first steps, no matter how small, and stay hungry and curious. The path may not be linear, but it'll be delicious, and who knows where it may lead.

Sam & Paul
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